2017 was a year of many, many, many firsts for me. I’d prayed after I moved to NYC in Dec. 2016 that in 2017, God would show me things I’d never seen. He definitely came allllll the way through!

I flew on planes more times in that one year than I ever had in any one year.

I visited Miami.

I rented a couple of studios from which I’ve worked in photography and videography.

I finally really got my business moving. I had laid plenty of ground work prior to 2017, but I started functioning in NYC!

I experienced the death of a loved one and was impacted by grief like never before.

God has become more vocal and visual in the ways he communicates with me. I’ve had some deep, and new kinds of understandings bestowed upon me.

I saw Amel Larrieux and Esperanza Spalding in concert.

I learned to ride the trains alone.

I learned to cross NYC streets alone. That was terrifying for me initially. It’s still weirdly scary at times, but I do it.

I learned to jay walk, or is it j walk, with grace and ease. Daily.

I grew to understand why I should commit to plant based living.

I found a funky new haircut that I took months to decide on, and will commit to in February.

I got 3 pairs of snow boots.

I learned to cope with the cold and snow. Still learning.

I visited the Statue of Liberty.

I went to a Brooklyn Nets game.

I grew accustomed to the bodega life, then realized that I can’t eat most of the things there as a plant based eater.

I met people from several countries.

I discovered the Afro Latinx community.

I experienced the turning of all the seasons, in all of the ways I imagined that the seasons change.

I’ve discovered the need to get away more often. Though I live in the city of my dreams now, I feel the need to escape it every few months.

I found the joy of the Lord.

I found the joys of coffee shops.

I’ve found that NY can be quiet, during blizzards. And sometimes in parks.

I went to a party alone.

I’ve stared at more people than I ever have.

I got lost on the trains.

I’ve found kind people here, though I believed I wouldn’t find many. There are lots of nice people here.

I’ve escaped the need to be a particular “thing” all the time.

I’ve escaped some levels of anxiety, because I don’t feel like I have to be the person I was before I moved here.

I began to learn to code. Hash tag girls in tech. Hash tag black women in tech. Hash tag black women do code.

I showed my mom around the city, all by myself.

I began to learn to let go of some people who don’t want the same type of healthy relationship that I want to have with them.

I’ve realized that this life is my own, truly. No one is going to do anything for me when it comes to obtaining my own happiness and purpose.

Many more firsts will be listed. Let me think of some more. I’m sleepy.


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